Schmidt Custom Woodworking, LLC.

Entertainment Centers

This entertainment center was built from wall to wall. Electrical outlets were installed in each cabinet to allow for endless arrangements of electronic devices. Each cabinet has an access hole through the top of the countertop which allows for light cords or any other cabling to pass down into the cabinets.
The glass panel doors allow remote controls to work even when the doors are closed. BLUMOTION soft close hinges were used to keep the doors from slamming shut. The shelf height was designed to be right behind the door rails so that IR sensors were not blocked when the doors were close. Fan and venting holes were added to allow for heat dissipation even when all doors are closed. Lastly, a surround sound distribution plate was installed on the back wall behind the shelves which allowed all wires to the TV and surround speaker so be hidden within the walls and ceiling.
All six shelves were designed to fully extend for easy access to the back side of electronic devices. The shelves are made using heavy duty, soft close BLUMOTION slides which can hold over 75 pounds per shelf and will not slam shut and cause stress electronic devices.


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