Schmidt Custom Woodworking, LLC.


This massive built in bookcase stretches from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. The bottom four adjustable shelves are only 8 inches deep due to an exterior concrete wall. However, this depth was perfect for storing movies. The upper four adjustable shelves sit above the concrete wall and are a full 12 inches deep. Another design requirement was for outlets to be installed into each section so that small lights or seasonal decorations could be displayed. The outlet covers were made out of wood and were finished to match the bookcase. The final requirement was for speaker connections to be recessed into the top of the bookcases which were tied into a home entertainment system.

This bookcase was built to stand in front of a kitchen window as storage for cookbooks and decorative bowls. The height and width of this bookcase precisely matched the height and width of the window sill to give a clean and professional look.
Another design requirement was that accommodations had to be made for an air register that was located underneath the bookcase.
Lastly, the shelves were constructed using a tongue and grove jointing method which adds tremendous strength to each shelf.


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